Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I don't judge anyone by their religion, skin color, or where they're from.  I don't care how smart you are, how much you make, what kind of car you drive, or where you buy your clothes from.  You want to know what REALLY matters to me?  How you treat your family and your friends, and the people you pass on the street.  Also?  The relationships you have with your customers or clients, and how you treat your superiors - in front of them or behind their backs.

Let me get one thing straight here: whether you are a high-powered attorney or world-renowned surgeon, or you work the counter at a fast food restaurant or are a janitor ... if you have one hundred employees, one hundred bosses, or you work for yourself  ... ALL of you (all of US!) have to answer to SOMEONE.  I started working when I was 16 in retail, and since then I have also worked in fast food, theme parks, and law firms.  I had bosses and customers at every stage.  When I was a paralegal, my "customers" were the clients that hired my attorneys, and they were other paralegals, attorneys, and judges.  Now, Hubby and I have a photography business.  Technically, I answer to him, since his name is on the business, but we answer to our clients - making sure we give them the best experience and the best product possible.

I say all of this to say that when people are jerks to the people paying them for whatever product or service, I just lose my ever-loving mind.  I truly believe that is why I'm struggling so much with all of these issues with the DCF case manager.  In case you've missed it, or because I know I haven't listed everything that has transpired, let us just discuss a few points here:

~  Do not play on your cell phone while I'm trying to tell you that my child is not adjusting well under the circumstances he's in.

~  Do not promise to provide clothes for my child, be reminded repeatedly about that promise, and ::six months later:: still not deliver.

~  Do not tell my father that you are unable to help him with the insurance issues that you caused him.  For the love of pete, at least give him a phone number of someone who can.

~  Please learn how to process paperwork so that our service providers have all of the correct information on myself, my son, all others involved.

~  Additionally, please make sure that you can process payment information so that our service providers are paid and don't bail on us and leave us flapping in the wind.

~  Do not lie about phone conversations that never happened.

~  Listen to us when we tell you that the therapies aren't working, and we need to discuss different tactics ... we are with him, you are not.  AND you are NOT a therapist.

~  When my father tells you that I'm doing one thing, do not call my attorney and berate him telling him an entirely different story.  We ALL know that you're lying, and we're ALL going to bust you on them.

And, as a special side note to your managers ... please note ... when your employee screws up (you know, like having to be removed from my residence by the police?) an apology is most certainly in order.  I had no thoughts of suing you despite your employee's egregious behavior, but you can bet your last red nickel that I am, and will continue to, notify every single politician in this state that the DCF system MUST change.  It is idiots like you who are responsible for the deaths and mistreatment of children all over our state.

Customer service, people.  Doctors, lawyers, fast food, retail ... and social workers.  Take care of your customers.  Because sometimes, a lawsuit won't be the answer and your insurance will mean nothing.  Sometimes, someone will come along that is smarter and more determined than you can imagine.

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