Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Musings

Assuming I can keep this alive, unlike many other themes I've attempted, I'm going to start a weekly blog where I just put out all the stupid stuff that runs through my head all the time.  I hope y'all get some humor out of this ... enjoy it!  ... for as long as it lasts ;)


Dating advice to my teenagers:  If someone who wants to date you asks you for your number, please respond with 867-5309 ... date only the ones that get the joke.


Dear Pandora, I listen to you because there is no way that I could possibly to afford all of the songs you play me with iTunes.  And for the love of Maude, do not judge me on my playlists.  The shame is too real.


If the ladies on "The Bachelor" acted more like the ladies on "Sister Wives", it would be an entirely different show.


I wanted to complain about my teenagers and their mood swings to my husband ... but ... he deals with them just as much ... and mine, too.  Poor guy.  That man needs a vacation.  I just hope he takes me with him.


Never ever do ANYTHING that is going to cause you to fill out paperwork.  EVER.


Because we live in Florida, I often wonder if it would easier to teach my children that lots of birds fly north for the summer.


I've been binge-watching "Gilmore Girls" lately ... I can't figure out if me and Princess have a relationship that is very much like that of Loralei and Rory, or Emily and Loralei.  I think it is kind of both - and that is terrifying.  And awesome.

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