Saturday, November 6, 2010

What is MORE than Fluffy Bunnies?

Society as a whole has taken a nasty turn. Crime is on the rise. Education is plummeting. Government is corrupt. Religions are a total hot mess. We have lost sight of what is truly important and why we are here. For years, I have banged my head against a wall trying to make sense of the insanity. I would like to say that I give up - but there just is NO giving up allowed. We're talking about our children, our parents, our peers - and even ourselves. (I know, God forbid we think about our own futures - so un-pc of me)

I'm not arrogant enough to think that my voice alone is enough to change the world. I am not THAT smart or THAT well-spoken, and quite frankly, I just don't have THAT much time. But, I'd like to think that I do have something to say, and if I can find a few spare minutes to throw it into the computer, it just might mean something to you.

I met with a group today consisting of some of the most amazing and influential people in my church, and in my life. The children's ministry curriculum guru said something I've heard her say before and I love it even more every time she says it: we have to teach our children more than "God made fluffy bunnies." I think that sentiment can be applied to every aspect in our lives. There is more to life than just fluffy bunnies and rainbows, lemonade stands and pinewood derbies. I feel very strongly that we need to open our eyes and see what is truly going on in the world around us.

Please, do not misunderstand - this blog is not going to be all about the hate and how frustrated I am all the time with everything around me and this world stinks. Absolutely not. I have frustration, I have annoyances, I have sadness, I have pain. But despite all of that, I am still an optimist. I will be focusing on the issues of the day - political, religious, educational, societal, and probably the most random musings ever - but I hope to also start offering solutions for some of these issues.

I vow to give my children more than "God made fluffy bunnies" all the time. I don't totally freak them out, but I am honest with them, and I enjoy challenging them and finding out what is making their own little minds tick. I'm going to make the same promise to you. I want to be honest with you, challenge you, and find out what makes you all think, too. I hope that we can learn from one another.

For we are MORE than fluffy bunnies ...

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