Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Growth Happens

This is seriously one of those times in my life where growth is just happening, and I've got the growing pains to prove it. I'm learning more about where I want to be in my life, and the steps I'm supposed to take to get there. I'm having a particularly difficult time dealing with the juxtaposition of knowing that I'm "supposed to be" this sophisticated mom of four children who is experienced and intelligent ... yet, I FEEL like I'm back in middle school and hugely awkward and icky. I often find myself obsessed with wondering if other people experience this feeling as well ... or is it really just me? THAT thought scares me. What if I'm the ONLY one who feels this way?!? So many of my friends just seem like they know who they are ... and I don't have a clue. What if I NEVER figure out who I am?!?

Didn't know when you clicked on my blog today that you'd be getting a huge helping of paranoid ramblings, did you? Sorry about that.

In related news, my kids are experiencing some growth of their own. Princess turned 10 this weekend. I *know*. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was learning to walk? her awesomeness is overwhelming, though, and she's every bit as independent as I was at that age. She had a tea party for her friends and her party game of choice was to play "Pin the Mustache on the Bieber". bwahahahaha

Red had a growth achievement of his own this weekend. We too him shoe shopping and he's now officially a size 7. Men's. Really? At this rate, his feet will be bigger than mine by the end of the year, and my feet aren't dainty by ANY means. He also got a laptop from my dad. I was a little iffy on this point, but Hubby went to great lengths to put all kinds of parental controls on it, and I think he'll be okay. I just don't understand how they got so big...

Growth.... part of the Fluffy Bunny plan?

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