Sunday, August 28, 2011

Even More Growth

I guess when growth starts to happen in some areas, it becomes a locomotive, gaining speed and momentum. After all of the things that took place last weekend, the week kept going - and growing.

Tuesday afternoon, Fluffyheaded Diva joined Princess for her first ever Girl Scout meeting. Wow. It seems like just yesterday that Princess and I were signing up for her first year. We'd have our meetings at my dining room table - I was the troop leader - and Fluffyheaded Diva would sit in her high chair gumming Cheerios. Now? She's the one learning the promise and the handshake. So proud of my girls...

The big huge news is Red tho... after many years of talking, praying, debating, praying, explaining, and more praying... he finally accepted Christ as his Savior. I have never been so proud of my sweet guy. For years, he's understood and believed that God sent His only Son for our salvation ... but there was a wall in his heart when it came to actually feeling that Christ didn't just come for "us" or for "people" ... but for HIM. This week, he broke down that wall. It was amazing!

Father God, I am so grateful for my children. I am so thankful that You have given them to me and trust me to love them and care for them and train them up in your ways.

I am blessed.

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