Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hate the Player - Not the Game

Reading this morning about the claims that Tim Tebow is a blasphemer, and the ruckus started by such a statement. I'm equally heartbroken and amazed at what has transpired.

‎To be honest, I'm still on the heels of the sermon given a few weeks ago at my church about how the Prosperity Gospel affects so many people - lures them in and deceives them. It seems as if the writer of the original story thinks this is what is going on with Tebow.

But I want to shine two really really bright lights here: It is NOT our place to judge the true heart of any person - including believers. AND - there is a huge difference in believing in the prosperity gospel ... and having a strong faith in God and having good things come to you.

I want to hang there for just a minute. Those of you that know me and love me know that I'm a DIE-HARD Gator fan. Some of us really argue about that point, but whatevs, it is what it is. I liked Tebow - primarily because he was a Gator -... I'm fickle like that. From what I've read, from what I've seen, from what I do know about him, he seems to be an upstanding kid, with a strong faith in God. He has done many charitable things, and when pushed, seems to know what he's talking about religiously. From my nosebleed seats, I would say "Christian".

Anyone who follows college football knows his skills as a quarterback. Regardless of what you think about him, he has two national titles and a Heisman. The best college QB in history? Debatable. The most amazing out there right now? Possibly. The most sensational - DEFINITELY. Sadly, though, I think its for all the wrong reasons.

But is he awesome because he's a Christian? Or is he a Christian because he's awesome? .... and that seems to be the big question at hand.

I think its EASY to be a Christian when life is going good. Whether its because your bank account more black than red and you have a nice house and healthy family ... or because you're a top-round draft pick. True faith gets tested when you're homeless, dying, and life is sacking you. True faith is something that shines through no matter how difficult your circumstances are.

But does Tebow fall into that category? It is not taking into account that his parents were Christians and taking him to church before the spotlight hit him in high school as one of the best players in the country. It is not taking into account that he became a Christian before he was handed a Heisman. It is not our place to say "he's got it easy so sure its easy to give the glory to God".

You want my honest opinion? Let the next season play out however it does, and worry more about the unlawful payments to players in Miami. Let Tebow continue to show his faith in God however he chooses, and let him continue helping the charities the way he has been this entire time.

God should let fluffy bunnies play football.

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