Sunday, June 23, 2013

A week in review...


What a week last week was!  I barely even had time to blink, let alone write!  There's so much I want to talk about, but no way I'm going to sit here all night and type - and I wouldn't expect you to sit through one entire huge post anyway.  Pretty sure even I would get bored lol.  But, I will have lots to say throughout the entire week :)

I want to start by thanking my amazing Hubby for a fantastic night out last Monday.  It was oh-so-very-much needed!  We were celebrating my birthday (26 again! lol) and our 8th wedding anniversary.  When I married him, I was head over heels in love and it never occurred to me that I could love Hubby even *more*.  But I do.  This man is even more incredible than he was eight years ago.  I am so blessed!!  He took me to Epcot at Walt Disney World - my favorite spot.  His hope was that we would be able to watch my favorite fireworks show, Illuminations, but the weather was not cooperating and it was cancelled.  No worries, though, because the Cottage Pie with Bubble and Squeak from the UK's Rose & Crown, followed by a funnel cake from the American Pavilion was more than enough for me ... and we can go back anytime for the fireworks ;)

We had VBS this past week, and that was what kept me on my toes.  I loved photographing all those kids!  It was such a great time watching them learn about the Armor of God, and becoming Superheroes!  I am so proud of my own children for diving head first and growing this week.  Today, in church, we wore our "Breastplates of Righteousness" - tye-died shirts.  Fluffyheaded Diva was so confident, especially when she was asked to repeat the pledge!  We did have a funny conversation this morning about why Paul didn't write about pants.  She is quite annoyed that they didn't wear pants back then, and has decided that she's going to wear Pants of Peace from now on.  (That being said, she was just arguing with Sir Smiley ... not wearing our Pants of Peace now, are we!??!  lol)

Yesterday, we got to celebrate at the wedding of dear friends.  I have loved watching these two fall in love over the last 18 months.  I talked to the Bride on Friday, and totally embarrassed myself - I got so choked up!!  Please know, our sweet friends, that we shall continue to pray for your marriage and for you both.  You are very dear to our family, and we love you!  May you always be blessed, "Risch-ly"  ;)

Today's church service was simply amazing, and really spoke into my heart.  I'm not going to go into everything right now, though.  I honestly think I still need a day to process everything.  In conjunction with a very powerful sermon from our pastor, a sweet sister spoke with me today about some of the issues we've been facing.  I was reminded, yet again, that I am truly blessed by wonderful friends.  God has placed exactly the right people that He wants in my path, even someone as dense and hard-headed as me has gotten the message.  Later this week, I will go into more detail about some of the things that I learned today.

Finally ... an update on Red.  He was kind of a different kid this week.  He wasn't as obnoxious, or disrespectful.  He was even kind of helpful a few times.  We had one run in, and he told me that he wanted to leave - that he hates living here.  His pain is so real, I just don't understand how to reach him sometimes.

It seems as if the state is going to pick up the charges for his theft, and he is going to have to face some sort of punishment.  This is such a frustrating situation for me ... he's my baby - he will **always** be my baby.  But, if he doesn't learn soon that there are consequences for his actions, I'm just not sure he ever will.  It is time for him to face the music.  I ask that you be in prayer for us tomorrow afternoon, as we will be meeting with a probation officer that has been assigned to his case.  Pray that we have the wisdom to make the right decisions.  A friend of ours that works in the field has also recommended two residential facilities that might help us get him back on track.  I will be contacting them tomorrow, we'll see what happens.

Thank you all, again (and again and again) for your continued support and encouragement.  Y'all are my fluffy bunnies!!

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