Friday, June 28, 2013


I had a crazy dream last night, and it turns out that the Fluffyheaded Diva did, too.  I was going to post it on Facebook, but it became too long, so I decided to put it here.  Before I tell you about the dream, I have to say that I have very vivid dreams.  I dream in color and they are very detailed - I often wake up feeling like I'm still there and it takes me a few minutes to orient myself and remember that I'm at home in my bed.  I will remember the dreams for days and even weeks and years - I still remember dreams I had when I was a little girl.  Weird, huh?  It seems that Fluffy is on the same path, she often regales us with the craziest stories in the morning ... like today.

My dream first.  I have to say that I think it says something about how much I love my job when I dream about animal rescues.  My friends, D and K, and I were coming home after a movie, and I was driving our minivan.  I made a turn onto a little road and I see all of these big rocks stretching out the entire width of the street.  I stopped, because I was afraid of what running over them would do, and got out to check them out.  When I inspected more closely, they weren't rocks at all, they were turtles!  There were about fifteen of them, all about the size of big dinner plates.  I look over the shoulder of the road, and there was a HUGE Mama turtle, she looked like Morty from Discovery Cove - he is an African Spurred Tortise.  So, I realize that this is a Mama and her babies, and I immediately jump into action.  D and K jump out of the car with me to help block what little traffic is coming, and I get on the phone with 911 to have them send police help.  

Suddenly, a car pulls up and this big guy gets out and starts screaming at me to get out of the way.  The gals tried to explain that we were calling for help to save these turtles, and he starts cussing and just going off on us in general.  I'm choosing to not put his exact words on screen - although I do remember what he said vividly - because there was a lot of cursing and name calling.  (Seriously, did I mention that my imagination is insane?)  Sometime during his tirade, my friend D gets her phone out and starts recording him - she's a genius!  He yells into the car for his buddies to get out, they pick up the Mama turtle (these things get BIG) and THROW her into the trunk of his car!  He screams that he knows how to handle this one - TURTLE SOUP!!  And then KICKS IN the side of her shell!  They jump back in the car and squeal away - thankfully, D got his license tag!

Other cars have stopped at this point, and people are trying to help us keep the babies all together - kind of rounding them up into a group.  I often use the term "herding turtles" when it comes to gathering up my kids, thanks to the gals at Rants From Mommyland, and this is exactly what we were doing and I'll picture from now on!  The police officer finally shows up, and we sent him after the guy who stole the Mama.  I get on the phone with Sea World (because I just happen to have some of those numbers with me), and manage to get a rescue team en route.  

I woke up shortly after that happened, so I'm not sure how the story ends ... but I would like to think that the police officer kicked in that guy's "shell" - or skull, or ribs, or whatever was easiest and he went to jail, and we were able to save the Mama and all her babies.  


THEN, Fluffy wakes up and says this to Hubby:

I dreamed that you were a bear and a shark killer, but you got attacked by a poisonous taco shark ... whatever that is.



  1. Y'all are very strange. I guess that I'm in the right family. Love you sis. And my favorite fluffy headed