Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Pyramid of Umbrellas

The $100,000 question for today is......

How do you get help from a system that is supposed to help, but doesn't have any actual options that are helpful?

My caseworker called Thursday afternoon, all excited that she had found a program that would be "perfect" for us, and we scheduled a time to meet for yesterday when I got off work.  This program?  It is essentially an umbrella for a lot of other programs across the state ... some of which are merely more umbrella programs for programs.  It reminds me of a pyramid scheme.  Bah.

I called yesterday afternoon and left messages with six different agencies, one of which had already denied him, but I took a chance anyway.  I'm hoping I get return calls next week.

I have had so many of you reach out with encouragement, words don't do my appreciation justice.  Thank you to all!!  It is such an immense blessing to know that there are people out there who are invested in my family.  I love you all :)


In non-Red news ... my house smells like Obsession for Men.  Sir Smiley broke Hubby's bottle yesterday afternoon.  Guess I know what I need to buy him for Father's Day ;)

Sir Smiley and the Fluffyheaded Diva had a blast last night at my company's movie night - nothing better than watching a movie with your feet in the sand!  :)  ... I have to really give Sea World a lot of credit.  They go above and beyond to make sure employees get lots of good perks!  Last month, we went to "Wonderworks" - a weird science-y fun place, this month we're going to Gatorland!  I wish more companies would do things like this for their employees - it really does promote a family environment.


Tomorrow is Father's Day ... and I wish you a fun and happy day.  Some of you will celebrate with your dads, others will celebrate their husbands as dads ... and I know a few of you will be missing your dads because they are no longer with you.  Tomorrow is a day to be grateful that there is/was a man in your life who helped you get here.  If none of these apply to you (and I know that there are a couple of you out there who might feel left out), just remember, that you have a Heavenly Father who created you and loved you very much.

Have a lovely weekend my friends.


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