Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thoughts on Servanthood...

During the sermon this past week, our pastor spoke on how "Good Works" are not the only path to Salvation.  This sparked a fascinating conversation on the way home about serving in the Church, something we both enjoy doing.  But ... why?

Do we enjoy serving alongside our brothers and sisters because we get satisfaction out of it?  Yes.  I love knowing that doing just a bit on my part has helped somebody else's agenda lighten up a little.

Do we enjoy serving because we want the attention?  Hmm... trickier question.  I'm a people-pleaser.  When someone notices something that I did, I do like to be thanked for it ... but I rarely get upset if nothing is said.  I don't do it *for* the attention, but sometimes the attention is an added perk.

But *why* do we do it?  Simple: because Christ commanded it.  He told us many times that we are to love one another, and serving is showing that you care.

Fewer things in life bring me greater joy than working alongside my husband at our church.  There are times when it gets hectic, of course, but some of my best prayer time comes when I'm working for Him.

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