Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Excited!

In less than 12 hours, I'll be starting orientation for my new job at Discovery Cove.  I'm so excited that I can barely sit still!  For those of you not near the theme parks, Discovery Cove is a part of Sea World, but very small and way more interactive.  You can swim with dolphins, go snorkeling, lounge in the lazy river, and lots more really cool experiences.

I worked at Sea World right after high school. I worked primarily out of Terrors of the Deep - or Shark Encounter as it is called now.  I **loved** it!  Sharks are my very favorite animals, and getting to sit there and watch them every single day was a dream come true!  I left due to some health issues, and regretted never going back.  Out of all the jobs I ever had, that one was my favorite - and that includes working as a paralegal, which I actually dreamed of doing as kid and even went to school for!  Now, after many years, I'm heading back, and I'm so very stoked!

I'm not going to be doing anything major, just "operations".  I'll mostly be handing out towels, cleaning up messes, giving mini-tours, and pointing guests to the closest restroom - nothing glamorous.  But I'm ok with this, because I needed a change!!  I've gotten stuck in this habit, these daily rituals at home, and I'm not getting out as much, and I'm always staring at a computer, and I'm starting to get a little stir crazy.  While it will certainly be hard work, I'll be out in the sunshine, in a great environment, and working with animals that I care about conserving.

Even more exciting?  My sweet hubby will be there with me!  He will be working part-time doing janitorial stuff.  Even less glamorous than what I'm doing, but he's still happy about being in the sunshine and getting to work together is going to be a blast!  That's how we met, we worked in the same law firm together.  Unlike most couples I've met over the years, we actually truly enjoy spending the extra time together.  After years of Hubby working nights, or us always going in opposite directions, I'm really really looking forward to this next season of life.

::ahhh Bliss::

While I'm here, I'd like to apologize for the funk I was in last night.  Much like I had predicted, I was in a better mood, with an improved outlook.  Like I said, sometimes you just have to pass through the funk so that you can truly enjoy the happy.  And tonight?  Tonight I'm happy.

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