Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Re-Orienting Myself

Yes, I know that I did not post this last night, officially I failed on Day 5.  By the time I got home from Orientation, caught up with my dad about how the kids did yesterday, had a huge long lecture with Red about the seven different ways I’m going to lose my sanity if he doesn’t start obeying and doing schoolwork, and then ate dinner … it was going on 10pm and I was so tired, I couldn’t keep my head up.  So, today, I shall write two posts, because I just can’t not write about my day yesterday.  Why?
Because … my new job is AWE. SOME.  I had so much fun yesterday! 
It started with the basics – a history of the company, mission statements, safety information, how many passes we get … the standard.  But then, THEN! Then we got to take a tour of Discovery Cove.  Whoa.  This place is AMAZING.  It honestly feels like you’re walking through some island far away from everyone and everything else in the world.  I realize that I’m going to be *working* there, and that it will, indeed, actually be hard work.  But the surroundings are just so fantastic, I don’t think it will be too difficult to make the stretch.
I realize that not all of you are going to know what this place really is, so a bit of info… Discovery Cove is an interactive marine life resort.  Guests can spend their day snorkeling with fish and rays, lounging in the lazy river, feeding birds, watching marmosets and otters play, and swimming *next to* sharks – but not with lol.  For a little extra, you can swim with dolphins, and take an underwater walking tour!  There are lounging areas, cabanas, unlimited food and beverages… the list of amenities goes on forever.  And all of it is nestled in lush greenery and white sandy beaches. 
Folding towels and handing out wet suits just doesn’t seem too bad when THAT is where I will get to do it. 
... … …
So now I have two days to work through a HUGE to-do list of lesson planning, cheer instruction, housework, cooking, organizing, phone calls, emails, and – wait for it – actually spending some quality time with my kids. Friday is going to be another long day of errands and more orientation. 
Very excited – very blessed!

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