Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Matters Friday

I'm SO tired.  Like, I'm so tired that I can barely even think.  And I gave up.  I was all, forget the blog, I need to finish what I'm doing and go to bed.  I admitted my defeat on Facebook, and my friend said, DON'T GIVE UP NOW!!!  He's right.  I'm not going to give up now.

Presenting ... what really matters most: My Family

I had a very long day today, and when I got my schedule for this next week, I was equal parts elated and frustrated.  I'm so excited to be working, but oh wow the hours I'll be working this week!  I had one very brief moment when I turned my eyes to the sky and asked why I was doing this.  A few minutes later, I was searching for something in my phone, and came across this:

Yup.  That would be Princess and Sir Smiley ... throwing peace signs with duck lips.  It is quite possible that I am mom to some of the whackiest kids in the world - they are such hams!!!  But they are what matters.

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